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Instructions for Preparing and Wearing a Cover

Click here to view our video about how to prepare and wear a CPAP Comfort Cover ®

For maximum comfort 

  • Adjust the material gathers to smooth out any fabric wrinkles or ridges.
  • Enlarge the nose/mouth hole if needed using the following instructions.
  • Take your time and start slowly on the first cover. Make the first enlargement smaller than tempts you. You can always cut the hole larger later if needed. Once you have the cover cut so that it fits you comfortably, work on the second cover.




 Laundering your cover 

  • With proper care your Comfort CoverTM can be used over and over. 
  • The cover is a cotton/polyester blend.  It is machine washable or may be laundered by hand.  Use cold water. 
  • The cover can be placed in a dryer, low or medium heat, or line dried. 
  • We suggest that any detergent, fabric softener or dryer sheets that you use be free of dyes and perfumes.


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