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After developing severe red facial pressure marks and sores caused by my CPAP mask, I tried a commercial cotton cloth product to place over my mask before placing it on my face. I found it was not as effective as I would have liked. My wife Vicki and I went to work on developing a solution that would work for me and other CPAP therapy users. 

I am not a doctor or a licensed sleep technician. Any comments I make on this website are based on my being a person who must use and continue to use CPAP therapy to live day-to-day. 

What I have learned is that if I break a bone, a doctor can put a cast on it till the bone heals. CPAP therapy will not "heal" my sleep apnea. It will, however, if I stick with it, help me to sleep better and more healthfully.

Vicki designed the deceptively simple and surprisingly effective Comfort Covers ®. Together we are working hard to help other CPAP therapy users to more easily stay compliant with their therapy.   As Vicki says, "A better night's sleep is just a Comfort Cover  away."    

Norman Paulk ... Camas, WA  

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