Comfort Cover Choices

 In the Categories column on the left under Comfort Cover Choices:  

  1. Click on the drop down arrow and select either the covers for full face masks or for nasal masks. (We do not offer covers for nasal pillows.)
  2. Then click on the picture of the mask you wear. 
  3. Specify the size of mask, add to cart and complete your order. We will send the appropriate size covers.

If there are special instructions for placing a cover on your style of mask, information will be given in that product's details. 


If you use any other mask that is not listed in our products, please click here to email us and ask if it is available.  

Not all CPAP masks are made the same.  In our testing we have found that a CPAP Comfort Cover does not work with every design of mask. In order for the cover to be effective, there must be enough room on the mask for the cover’s elastic to grasp and stay in place.  The mask should not be constructed in a fashion that hinders the ability for a covered mask to fit snugly to help reduce air leaks.

Due to this limitation we are unable to provide a cover for the following masks: (you might try for them)

  • ResMed Mirage FX Nasal
  • ResMed Mirage Micro
  • Respironics Amara View
  • Philips Dreamwear 





There are no products listed under this category.