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 Works better than expected

I was worried about purchasing this, since it seems so expensive relative to disposable covers. Would it fit? Would it create additional air leaks? Would it be comfortable or irritating. Honestly it's great. Solves the same problems as a disposable cover (facial redness, 'burned' feeling skin etc) without being cheaply made and dyed crap. I like these covers, and I really really appreciate that they included an additional cover to offset the cost of importing to Ireland. It's comfortable, well made, easy to use and feels like it will last a long while. Great product. 

This really helps

My husband was having a hard time with his mask. It was constantly leaking and was very uncomfortable. We just couldn't figure out how to solve the problem. We saw a new sleep tech and this guy had facial hair too. In fact we were told to go see him because he was an expert on fitting CPAP masks for guys with facial hair. He was the one who told us about the comfort cover. My husband said that this has made a huge difference in his ability to sleep and be comfortable wearing the full face mask. Product Name: Fits Quattro Air Full Face Mask



"Norman, your product is "Surprisingly Effective" as your advertising says. For several years I've tried various masks, and the flat cloth liners, not finding anything effective at reducing leakage.

About 10 days now with the cover, and finding very good performance. No longer waking with the machine blowing, trying to make up for the leakage.

More importantly, my wife is no longer disturbed by the racket!

The personal note on the invoice was noted and appreciated."

R.A. - Grand Rapids, Michigan


"When I use the cover my nighttime sleep score shows a "0" on mask fit. There doesn't appear to be any leaks when the mask is on. I sleep really well and all other numbers are perfect. Why do you suppose my score goes down with this mask."

I have talked with techs who are not happy with one of the CPAP machines for this reason.   

While air leaks can negatively impact AHI, it appears there are two important things:
  1. If you can sleep comfortably and stay compliant with your therapy, and
  2. Your AHI remains in a range desired by your Sleep Professional, then how important is it really if your machine indicates and air leak?
"You are most correct. My AHI is compliant"
Jerry - Oklahoma City


"Very satisfied with this product. The Comfort Cover has served my purpose completely. It does give a more comfortable fit but more so it cuts down completely on the leakage. The noise of the leakage was so annoying that it kept my wife awake and she wouldn't get a good night's sleep. Now with the Comfort Cover there is no noise and she sleeps through the night. My night's sleep is also very good. I would definitely recommend it to those of you experiencing problems with your CPAP."



“I promised I would give you feedback on the product (Comfort Cover) after my husband tried it out on his CPAP. What I did not tell you was that the day I bought the cover was our 18th Wedding Anniversary - and it was the best gift that I ever gave to either one of us! I have slept soundly every night since he started using it, and he has slept more soundly because I am not punching him throughout the night to wake him up to readjust his mask. 

It is a wonderful and inspired product and I am so thankful that I met you and had the wisdom to buy it that day!!! Thank you for your efforts and for all of us that are benefiting from it.

Sincerely – L.T., Vancouver, WA”


"I received my order and used it last night.  It certainly makes using a CPAP much more comfortable.

I learned about the Comfort Cover from my husband, who is a neurologist and certified in sleep medicine.  He attended the Seattle AASM conference in June and came home with a sample.  I used his x-large sample and the (XXX disposable cloth) for a while.  I prefer the Comfort Cover since it doesn't move around like the disposable cloth, plus it is reusable.  I felt it was time to order a comfort cover in my own size.

Thanks so much for a wonderful product!  I'm sure my husband will mention this product to his patients."



"EXCELLENT video ... VERY well done!   It will be extremely helpful to those who view your website and order the covers."

C.H.  College Station, Texas 



"Good product 

I like this product. It is easy to clean and feels better on the face than without the comfort cover."


Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
I love it! No more leaking and my husband having to sleep in another room.
S.H.  Hillsboro, OR


Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
My husband has severe sleep apena so he has a high pressure auto setting for for his CPAP machine, with the high pressure he was having a very hard time getting a proper seal of the mask on his face. After trying lots of things, even shaving his very short facial hair, we decided he should give the Comfort Cover a try- he's so glad he did!
It helped get a COMFORTABLE seal the very first night, therefore a great nights sleep! He even grew back his facial hair & it still works great! My husband said he also likes that with using the Comfort Cover now there are no lines on his face where his mask rests. Bottom line- My husband now sleeps comfortably at night, which means I do too. :) 
J.H.  Merrill, Michigan 


"My wife says that the covers are working 'wonderfully'. Mush less blowing around the mask, etc. I would agree. What air that does still escape around the mask is filtered by the fabric so no noise, no waking up, etc. Just a cool feeling. I'm impressed with the results".
B.K.  Hillsboro, Oregon


“I got my first CPAP eight years ago and used it for about a year trying several different masks. It was so miserable that I gave up. I called it my torture machine.  

I have severe sleep apnea and really do need CPAP therapy so decided to try it again about a year ago. I found it just as miserable as before. I saw a doctor who prescribed a new machine and mask which was much more usable.  

However, I was waking up several times in the night with a stinging that I had to relieve by pulling the mask away from my face and letting air blow on it for a few minutes until the stinging went away. With a Comfort Cover I find this unnecessary and can sleep through the night without any discomfort from the mask.  

I am extremely happy with the covers and intend to use them for the rest of my life.”  

S. W.    Longview, Washington


“Just a note to let you know that I received the mask covers yesterday and tried one last evening.....so far so good....in fact I slept from 11 until 7 without interruption.” 

D.B.    Irmo, South Carolina  



"It has helped me immensely!!

My PA Shanna Henderson @ Mercy Health Physician Partners Sleep Clinic recommended me to this sight and said to try the covers as others she referred and it works really great. I'm thankful to have a good sleep without the interference of the nose from my face mask. Thanks for creating the cover it really does work!!!"

S.S. Wyoming, Michigan 



"The video was very informative and helped me not to be so nervous in cutting a bigger opening. The Comfort Cover does exactly what it claims - makes your mask more comfortable! It makes having to wear a mask more tolerable. Thank you for your product."

D.C.  Alberta, Canada



"I'm happy to report they are doing fine, no more noise and the mask fits much better, I've used it every night since it arrived.  One hundred percent satisfied." 

D.F.  Sunfield, Michigan
GREAT product!!!!  
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
"My husband highly recommends the CPAP Comfort Cover!! His Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask is MUCH more comfortable. In addition, the cover has helped tremendously in reducing air leakage, and a sore that had developed on the bridge of his nose is now totally healed. The material is extremely soft and fits the mask perfectly. Service was exceptional: package was mailed within hours of ordering and it arrived at our home two days later. This product is a ‘must have’!!"
C.H.  College Station, Texas
"Great. They allow me to sleep on my side and I can wake up without the plastic headgear attachments indenting my face".
L.D. Denver, Colorado


"The CPAP cover you provided me makes the mask easier to wear through the night.  It is considerably more comfortable that the silicone/rubber liner on the standard mask.  It seems to minimize leaks during use. 

Additionally, the fact that it fits the mask when not in use allows a person to remove it in the dark and put the mask back on without difficulty during a trip(s) to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  I like the ability to clean one while using the other.  I find it easiest to hand wash it ... it just takes a minute.  Consider me a happy customer that will undoubtedly return for more of your product. 

The fact that the Mayo Clinic Sleep Center is where I was introduced to your product did not hurt in considering yours over the other alternatives.  It is a definite plus for selecting your product over the others that are not reusable.

W.M.   Rochester, MN  


 "Thanks again for your clever invention - it is making my mask so much more comfortable. In fact, it is making it possible. Enclosed is $34.99 for another set of covers for my AirFit F10 mask (small)." 
R.R.  Cedarsburg, Wisconsin

My note to this customer said that two sets of covers should last her a very long time.


"Thank you! Thank you! 

I appreciate your sending my comfort covers so quickly. Three nights and I can’t believe the difference. I can finally sleep through the night! I am not dreading going to bed. I was for sure, ready to give up. 

Thank you again." 

R.R.  Richmond, VA 


"They have really helped with the air leakage and comfort problems that my husband had before. Thank you."  

S.Q.  Littleton, Colorado


"I love them". 

A. F.  Hill, New Hampshire


A testimony happily received. 

"After being diagnosed with severe sleep apnea last year, I tried on several occasions to get used to the HORRID mask which promised to help me sleep more soundly and awake refreshed. But after about two weeks of it, I threw the darn thing in the back of my closet. I just could not tolerate the mask pressing on my face--I felt like I was suffocating from claustrophobia. 

When my dad taught me how to use his Comfort Cover, I gave it the old college try once again. I have to say, the simple to use fabric cover made all the difference in the world. Who knew such a simple invention would finally allow me to find the rest I so needed. The comfort cover provides just enough cushion and allows me to tolerate the mask in peace. 

I'm so glad Dad impressed upon me the need to use my mask. I now wake up a new man... 

John Paulk


“I have tried several silicone masks previously and all of them caused sores on my nose. I also tried gel pads, tape, band aids, moleskin under the mask, but none of them worked well. I believe these covers are the best solution I have seen for silicone masks.” 

T.D.   Rancho Mirage, CA 



“I am enjoying the cover. I use it every night. It has dramatically lowered my leakage rate.  That had been a concern for my doctor. It's comfortable and stays pretty clean. I wash it once a week.” 

C.F.    Vancouver, WA