A Surprising Benefit

Posted by Norman Paulk on 21st Mar 2015

A Surprising Benefit

My older son also has sleep apnea. The unfortunate thing is that, like so many other people, he quit using his therapy. Actually, he never really got started. After trying it for several nights, he just could not get use to the discomfort. He quit.

When I asked him if he would test our new CPAP Comfort Cover ®, he said he would. However, his nasal mask is one of the only masks that we are not able to cover. There is no plastic at the top of it to properly hold the elastic of a cover. One of our testers wears the same nasal mask and figured out that he was able to cut slits into the sides of the cover so it would slip over the part of the mask where the straps attach. While this was inventive, we are not able to recommend our covers for that particular mask.

In the hopes of being able to have a positive impact on my son's health, I told him that I thought I knew why he chose the nasal mask that he did. "Having to get past the psychological step of accepting that you will be using a CPAP machine to sleep, you wanted to have the smallest mask possible so it would seem more like you were not even wearing a mask."

He agreed with my assessment. While many people find that nasal masks work well for them, my son's choice did not make the transition to sleep therapy easy for him. 

I asked him to try something for me. I gave him the same full face mask that I use and two of our covers. Being a good son, he tried it out.

His response to his sleep therapy is now positive. He had no problem transitioning to a full face mask. It did not leak and was comfortable. Yes, he plans to stay compliant with his therapy.

I am a happy father.

      My son as a youngster

Norman Paulk

A testimony happily received.

"After being diagnosed with severe sleep apnea last year, I tried on several occasions to get used to the HORRID mask which promised to help me sleep more soundly and awake refreshed. But after about two weeks of it, I threw the darn thing in the back of my closet. I just could not tolerate the mask pressing on my face--I felt like I was suffocating from claustrophobia.

When my dad taught me how to use his Comfort Cover, I gave it the old college try once again. I have to say, the simple to use fabric cover made all the difference in the world. Who knew such a simple invention would finally allow me to find the rest I so needed. The comfort cover provides just enough cushion and allows me to tolerate the mask in peace.

I'm so glad Dad impressed upon me the need to use my mask. I now wake up a new man..."

John Paulk

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