​Norman “The Borg”

Posted by Norman Paulk on 6th Feb 2015

Norman “The Borg”

The story of my sleep study

One Friday I spent the night in a sleep study lab. No big deal, really, but it certainly was a different way to spend a night.

It had been fourteen years since my last sleep study. During that period of time I had used CPAP therapy for a while, lost weight, symptoms went away and I stopped using my machine.

Fourteen years later, I had not put the weight back on, but as an older person with changing health and body condition, my sleep apnea returned with a vengeance. Every time I tried to go to sleep, I could feel my air passages closing up. I became desperate.

I took my old CPAP machine from off the closet shelf and hooked myself up to it. The air pressure was not effective. Next I drove to the sleep lab where I had gotten my machine fourteen years before. When I walked in, the technician said, “I think I have seen one of those before.” Little did I know how far CPAP machines had evolved since I first got mine.

The technician gave me a new machine and I felt such a sense of relief. The variable pressure provided by the computer program in the device helped me to sleep again … for a while.

CPAP mask makers use quality materials and the latest technology. However, the inherent problems associated with silicone seals and plastic masks began to be a problem for me. In addition to experiencing air leaks, I developed pressure sores on my face and stopped using therapy for two full weeks while my face healed. 

Back to my sleep study. The next morning the technician told me that during the night, the air pressure to people’s masks is increased to see what works best for them. During that process, a technician is able to see when masks begin to leak. She told me that during my test, leaks were not a problem. I had used a Comfort Cover TM on my mask during the test.

Based on results from SleepMapper, my mask consistently has 100% fit. 

For those of you who are not familiar with The Borg from the Star Trek series, they are cybernetically enhanced humanoid drones.

Later in the year I needed to go on ASV to handle my central apnea issues. This got my AHI under control. Even with the new differences in air pressures, my mask fit has remained at 100%. I was so happy with the results that I sent my sleep technician, an RPSGT, a set of covers for his mask. Not long after he emailed me, "I'm loving my covers."

Once someone has used Comfort Covers, they never want to sleep uncovered again.

Norman Paulk

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