Fits Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask & Ultra Mirage (Read Product Description for instructions)

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Special Instructions: There are tabs on each side of the mask that hold the seal in place. While there is not room at the top of the mask for the cover to grasp,  you can loop the cover's elastic over the tabs to keep it secure. Once you trim out the nose/mouth hole, tension will be released in the fabric and the cover will stay in place.

The tabs are shown in the second picture of this mask. The third picture shows the cover properly in place.

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For each one you order you will receive a package of two CPAP Comfort Covers ®.  

The cover is a cotton/polyester blend for softness, absorbency and durability. Every cover has been pre-washed to remove sizing and excess dyes from manufacture.  The cover is machine washable, cold; dry low or medium heat.  We suggest that any detergent, fabric softener or dryer sheets that you use be free of dyes and perfumes.

A latex-free elastic band is sewn into a cloth casing.  The elastic holds the cover to the mask and does not touch your skin.

Inside each package are instructions on how to use the cover and how to adjust the size of the nose/mouth hole, if needed.