Fits Swift LT Nasal Pillow Mask

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The trouble with nasal pillow covers is that they often cause uncomfortable pressure, especially on a wearer's upper lip.

Our covers provide a double layer of fabric to make it easier for a person to sleep more comfortably and stay on therapy. The covers might also help muffle any air leaks.

There are two covers in each set for $24.99 (mask not included).

  • Covers attach with Velcro
  • Pull the pillows through the holes
  • It is important that a cover not block any exhaust vents on your mask
  • Either side of the fabric can be against your skin
  • CPAP Comfort Covers may be laundered and worn over and over. It is suggested that covers be hand washed 

The size of the two holes might be larger than the parts of the mask that inserts into your nostrils. The purpose of the covers are not to affect your nostrils, but to help ease pressure against your upper lip and even help reduce mask air leakage.

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